Committees and Volunteering

Loudoun Meadows has two permanent committees that support the majority of community business. They are the Architectural Review/Covenants and Grounds and Facilities committees. There are 5-6 homeowner volunteer members in each committee. While there are currently two committees, the HOA board will occasionally stand up new committees as needs arise to support the community. There are also many opportunities to volunteer for community projects or social events. A description of the committees and volunteer opportunities are below. 

Volunteers are always welcome to participate. If you have interest in helping to support the community, you can let us know by submitting a request or contact our management company.

Grounds and Facilities

The primary responsibilities of the Committee are to assist the Board in the daily and long term oversight of the common areas and recreational amenities of the Association. This involves vendor engagement and oversight of contracts to ensure performance. Committee members will also do periodic inspections of the common areas and amenities.

Architectural Review/Covenants 

The Covenants Committee serves as the architectural review board and shall review the external design and appearance of the existing homes and accompanying lots thereon, so as to enforce the architectural provisions of the Declaration. They will review all design alteration requests submitted by homeowners per the terms defined in the Declaration and Design Guidelines. The Covenants Committee also provides recommendations for modifications to the Design Guidelines to the Board as necessary.

Social Event Coordination

Are you the host with the most? The community will sponsor a couple of events during the year. Generally one in the summer and one in the fall time frame. Feel free to reach out and volunteer at any time to pitch in with your planning skills and help execute fun events the whole community will enjoy.

Community Projects

From time to time, the HOA Board or committees will put out a call for volunteers to assist with various projects. These projects can involve anything from brain power to manual labor. For example, in the past we have asked for help with spreading stone dust to workout stations and the trail system, clean up of the gazebo and website development. Volunteering for these projects is a great way to get to know your neighbors and help out the community where you live. Please let us know if you would like to help the next time we have a need.